Clinical Studies

Clinical Studies

Extensive Clinical Studies Prove Effectiveness

The clinical effectiveness of the PEMF therapy used in the HealFast Therapy patches is well proven. Its reach and effectiveness however was limited by the size and power requirements of the large machines used in clinics and hospitals around the world for almost eighty years.  Understanding of the science behind the therapy has been advancing as well. We have included here background on both HealFast Therapy and the basic technology, PEMF -- Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy on which the technology is based. 

As a primer, we recommend the white paper, "BioElectronics Physics and Clinical Evidence."   BioElectronics research group has written an explanation of the science and compiled a summary of some early clinical evidence.  You can download a pdf of this white paper on this link.   HealFast Therapy is manufactured by BioElectronics Corporation and is technically equivalent to ActiPatch Therapy.  

The physics paper covers the following topics:

  • Explanations of the physics of how the miniaturized, low-power BioElectronics devices deliver:
    • Equivalent therapy to earlier, high-power PEMF machines,
    • Superior extended duration dosage; and
    • Therapeutic dosage, 6 to 9 orders of magnitude greater than that required to achieve a biological effect.
  • Complete, specific clinical studies demonstrating the efficacy of athermal extended duration, low-power pulsed electromagnetic therapy.  
    • This paper includes the basic research projects conducted by R.H. Bentall, who originally explored the idea that by designing a device to generate a pulsed electromagnetic field right over the wound, we could lower the power requirements and maintain the efficacy. 

Other clinical studies available here include:



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