Directions for Use

Directions for Use - 720 Hour Devices with On/Off Switches Square Patch Pull Tab to Turn On

Square and Crescent Patches and 12 cm Flex Loops

STEP 1: Turn HealFast Therapy OnGently pull and remove the white plastic tab, as shown. A red indicator light confirms the HealFast Therapy is on and working. Save the tab in a safe place so that you can use it to turn the patch off when not in use. 

STEP 2: Place HealFast Therapy Place the smooth flat side of the HealFast Therapy so that the treatment area is directly over the injured tissue. NO SKIN PREPARATION IS REQUIRED. HealFast Therapy is not a sterile device. If using over an open wound, place the HealFast Therapy directly over sterile bandages or dressings. HealFast Therapy will work through surgical dressings. 

Patch on LegSTEP 3: Secure HealFast Therapy To attach to legs use cohesive bandages (e.g. Vetrap) to secure. Do not over-tighten as this may restrict circulation. Be careful to minimize pressure on the raised round area which holds the electronics and the battery. Keep the patch in place continuously for a minimum of 6 hours per day. The unit can be safely used for 24 hours a day for several days. Do not let unit get wet. If you expect the wound to ooze or discharge a significant amount of pus, place the unit in a ziplock bag before putting on the wound. 


Directions for Use - 100 Hour Device with no On/Off Switch Turning on the Quick Relief Loop

Quick Relief Loop

A very cost-effective device priced at $19.95, the Quick Relief Loop provides continuous therapy for about 7 days or 100 hours. 

To activate simply press down on the button as shown. 

A small red light will appear and continue to glow as long as the therapy is working. 

As with the longer lasting devices, the positioning of the device directly over the wounded area is critical for the therapy to work. 

Position is Everything!   

PetPatch Recovery Coat 

Perfect positioning of the device over affected joints is easy with the PetPatch Recovery Coat. The coat is extra long to allow the postioning of the device over hip joints and or tails. Units can also be attached to regular coats if they cover the affected area.

Putting the device in place on a Recovery Coat

Taping Large Square

Suggestions for Horses:  For areas that are difficult to wrap such as on the withers or back follow these directions: Activate the unit. Either place the patch in a ziplock bag or cover the patch with a 4”x4” square plastic sheet or cloth and then tape to the skin over the injury. Tape in position with 2 inch elastikon or similar tape. Place two strips to secure the unit to back, neck or withers and then put two additional strips perpendicular to the first strips as shown in the photo. 

Patches can also be attached to bell boots to hold the therapy unit over the injured coronet area.  See below a method used by Mac Stein a registed physical therapist in California for securing HealFast Therapy on hooves.  

Place Antenna over Area to Be TreatedSecure with Removable PuttyWrap Hoof

Pet Patch Recovery Kit
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