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Square PEMF Patch
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Price: $89.95
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Manufacturer: BioElectronics Corporation
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HealFast® Therapy Square patch is a multiple use device equipped with an on/off switch that extends its 720 hours treatment life. The large square has a therapeutic coverage area of 8.9 cm x 8.9 cm. 

PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) therapy has been used for decades to reduce pain and swelling. The clinical evidence of its efficacy is overwhelming. Now HealFast Therapy patches are a portable version of PEMF that you can put right on a wound or injury. 

A primary cause of pain is the swelling of the tissues associated with inflammation. Swelling mechanically disrupts nerve endings producing acute pain, and also in cellular secretion of pain producing substances, which result in pain in the inflamed region. By truncating the inflammation phase through its cellular influence on vasodilatory agents such as nitric oxide, induced electric fields reduce the swelling and significantly reduce pain. 

How HealFast Therapy Works  

HealFast Therapy uses modulated radio frequency (RF) to induce a low frequency electric field in the tissue. Because HealFast Therapy is placed right on the skin, we are able to use a lower energy field than traditional machines. HealFast Therapy units emit a 27.1 MHz RF shortwave modulated at 1 KHz using 100 microsecond pulses. The RF waves create an induced electrical field in the damaged tissue in an eddy pattern that restores the normal cell metabolism. This innovative modulated therapy packs the healing of PEMF into a low power wearable and affordable patch. There is no perceptible sensation from the treatment.  The area of effective treatment of a HealFast device mirrors the size and shape of the area of the patch or antenna. 

HealFast Therapy Benefits 

  • Relieves joint, muscle and tendon pain 
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation 
  • Improves mobility 
  • Accelerates healing of wounds, incisions, bruises and hematomas 
  • Has no contra-indications or side-effects 

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