How It Works

How HealFast Therapy Works

HealFast Therapy is portable PEMF therapy.  PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field) therapy has been used in clinics for decades to reduce pain and swelling. Here's how it works in laymen's terms.

All animal tissues are composed of cell networks. When healthy, those networks are balanced both chemically and electrically. Cells take in nutrients and pass out wastes.

Cell Synaps
Injured Cells

Injuries and illness interrupt the normal cell process and there is a measurable imbalance in the electrical potential of cell membranes. The injured tissue is swollen and painful and normal function slows.

Inflamed Cells
Four HealFast Models

HealFast Therapy devices emit a pulsed electromagentic field that restores the electrical balance in the affected cells allowing them to quickly improve metabolism and kill pain.

Cells Being Treated
Healed Skin

You can see reduced swelling and improved cell alignment in the microphotos of treated skin. HealFast kills pain by reducing swelling, a ubiquitous problem.

Healed Cells

Actual micro photos

Skin cells before and after treatment

Artist Representations

For more detailed technical information visit our library of clinical studies, our medical info page

of the web site or watch the explanation Dr. Oz gave on his TV show by clicking here.

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