Owners Reports on Healing



“Princess Haley is my 4 year old maltipoo that has been battling double luxating patellas since shewas a year old. ….I was happy to know that HealFast Therapy did not require her to take yet another daily medication. We have had almost immediate improvement using HealFast Therapy patches on her knees and hips. Haley is now a lot more active with her baby sister, Ziggy and loves to run and wrestle with her all the time now! I am amazed by the progress she has made in such a short period of time…”

- Leah Huff, Chesapeake, VA (posted to Facebook)


Missy“Just wanted to stop in and tell you how wonderful your product works. After just 16 ours of having the “PAD” on Missy’s leg from an injury that was very swollen, the swelling is gone..WOW, after we saw what an awesome job it was doing with Missy’s swollen leg, we put a PAD on Katie’s jaw, and the next morning GONE, no swelling. This is UNBELIEVABLE...”  

     Carrie Young, Ohana Horse Rescue, Brookesville, FL (Facebook Post)


     Zip Starts TreatmentZip 24 Hours After HealFast- Zip is obviously feeling better. He still has some soreness but I don’t think I have seen him canter since he has been here. He rarely ever trots and is always the last horse to make it up to the barn at feedingtime. You can see towards the end of the video, he is trotting with much less discomfort.

–   Cindy Smith, Central Virginia Horse Rescue, Brodnax, VA (posted to Facebook page with video)

     Kaleigh was in severe pain due to an abscess. She was having a hard time walking. Within 24 hours of using HealfastTherapy Kaleigh was moving around pain free. THANK YOU HEALFAST THERAPY!!!!!


-    Denise Williams, Equine Rescue Inc. Walden, NY (posted to Facebook)




     Mintou Bee Sting SwollenSore after 12 DaysMintou was stung by a bee resulting in a sore which became badly infected. After 12 days of treatment with a HealFast patch, the sore was closed and healing.

- Gerard Lindhout, Jumatro B.V., the Netherlands


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