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Leading Veterinarians Report Successes

The first veterinarian to use HealFast Therapy was the visionary equine vet, Van Snow, DVM, of Santa Lucia Farm in California. Van died in a tragic plane crash in 2010. We miss him and are grateful for his leadership and support. The text of his testimonial letter is:

To Whom It May Concern:

I recommend the use of the HealFast Therapy Patch to treat acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. I have found the patch to reduce pain and inflammation which therefore promotes a healthier environment for healing to take place. The patch is more user-friendly than other pulsed electromagnetic field modalities that are available today. The HealFast Therapy Patch is an important new tool with which I am able to speed recovery of my equine patients.

Image of Letter from Van Snow Santa Lucia Farm
Knee Wound Healing

Skip Page, DVM, from Arizona was successful in treating an expensive young colt who had an infected knee wound. Before and after pictures on the left dramatize the results. Dr. Page used multiple other therapies before suceeding with HealFast therapy. Dr. Page's letter reads:

To Whom It May Concern:

I have been aware of the theraapeutic value of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) for musculoskeletal injuries for some time, but recently I had the opportunity to utilize this product for another type of injury: A well-bred long yearling colst was cast under a pipe fence and got both knees badly scraped as he struggled to get up. Healing was slow, and at some point his right knee got infected. For many months the knee remained swollen, with intermittant pus drainage. At some point it was suggested that HealFast Therapy may be of benefit, based on the efficacy of PEMF in treating ulcers, wounds and bed sores. As there are no adverse side-effects to prolonged use of this low power PEMF unit, a 12 cm loop unit was properly applied over light bandaging of the right knee and was then covered with protective bandaging. After one week of continuous use, the knee was unwrapped. The unit's tiny red light was still on. Two new holes of pus drainage were present and the swelling the knee was significantly reduced. Color of superficial tissue appeared less dark than prior to use of HealFast.

The wound was cleaned and same treatment was applied repeadtedly for two weeks. Late into his second year this valuable colt was started under saddle. I would strongly recommend considering HealFast Therapy for treatment of various equine injuries as per manufacturerer's recommendation. This is a versatile, simple to use and very cost-effective PEMF unit.

Page Testimonial

A Vet's Report of Excellent Results with an Arthritic Cat

Maddy is doing fantastically. In terms of quick feedback I will tell you the coat (she is a big cat - part maine coon) fits her very well. I went out to acupuncture her June 24th I believe and after the session the owner and I went over the technology and the coat and she left it on for approximately 6 hours that evening. She continued to use the coat for 6 hours every day for the following week. 

Since that time I have seen Maddy 2x now. She had been getting acupuncture for 3 sessions before the coat was used; her overall disposition was much improved just from acupuncture... but her arthritis was very very severe (the owner had her on Metacam every 3 days - Maddy was still considerably lame in the shoulders and hips). The owner reports that after using the coat Maddy is much more playful and "seeks out" the owners to start play with her - before that Maddy would play if the owners approached her, but never initiated it herself. The owners let her go outside on supervised short visits and report that Maddy seems more interested in going outside to investigate and play since using the coat. They feel like her overall attitude is much improved - she seems "happier" and "more playful". In terms of fit the coat works very well - she is a large cat and somewhat chunky, but the adjustable straps worked very well and the owner reported that she seemed hesitant to walk around with it on the first day, but after that seemed used to it and proceeded to be able to use the litter box, go up and down stairs, etc, without any problems. they are very impressed. 

In terms of her lameness she is somewhat difficult to score but overall her shoulder arthritis seems markedly improved (easiest for me to gauge on palpation of her - she seems much less hesitant for me to do range of motion, and appears less lame/more sound in the front where she was severely arthritis). in the hips it's a bit difficult to assess because she is not so keen on me palpating her :) overall her level of comfort when i palpate in and around her hips for acupuncture is much, much improved. 

Please let me know what other feedback will be beneficial. I am super impressed and have seen no adverse effects at all - only positive benefits. I am going to start looking at your dog products also - I am starting to see a lot of ex-racing greyhounds with bad hips!

Thanks so much, and again let me know what other feedback will be beneficial. Feel free to give my name and number/email if you need another veterinarian testimonial. 

Cheryl Cross, DVM

Testimonial from an Experienced Horsewoman

Early in 2009 I was kicked in the finger by a young horse. The top joint of the finger had a lot of damage, I had surgery to sew the finger back together, the tip of the bone was crushed and a pin was put in to hold it all together. A week after surgery I went back for a checkup and the doctor was concerned that the finger wasn't looking very good due to poor circulation in the tip of the finger.

I was talking to a good friend and fellow horse trainer and told her my problem. She told me about the HealFast therapy patches she had been using on her horses to increasecirculation in their injuries. She brought me one to try and meanwhile I called Menachem Stein and ordered a small patch. The size was perfect for my finger, I used it every evening for approximately 10-12 hours.

The doctors thought the top joint would have to be amputated, the finger turned black and didn't look all that good. 7 weeks after the accident I had another surgery to removethe dead tissue and we were all surprised at the amount of blood supply that was under the dead tissue. The doctor grafted a patch of skin from my hand over the finger and the graft took well. I now have a fully functional, decent looking finger which is important for a horse trainer.

I fully believe the HealFast Patch was why my circulation improved dramatically and the reason we did not have to amputate a joint of my finger. I now use them on my horses for any injuries and have recommended them to my friends and colleagues.

Lyn Anderson
Madera, CA

Human Medical Testimonials

ActiPatch®, the HealFast Therapy for Humans

Laurie Casas M.D., FACS, Associate Professor, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
"I use ActiPatch on every facial procedure. It reduces my patients bruising and swelling by 50% following Blepharoplasty, Face Lifts and Rhinoplasty. As a result of ActiPatch, two weeks of standard surgical recovery has been reduced to 5 to 7 days."

David Lavine, M.D., Fort Worth, Texas
"I have a very large breast augmentation practice. After conducting a double-blind study, I have found that ActiPatch is extremely effective in curbing post-operative pain. In my professional opinion, ActiPatch is effective for short term control of the acute pain that occurs following breast surgery."

Kimberley Goh, M.D., Myrtle Beach, SC
"ActiPatch has made a world of difference in post-op pain control in my patients. We apply ActiPatch to all abdominoplasty patients. The difference in pain control is amazing."

James Ricketti, DPM., East Hanover, NJ
"I started using ActiPatch approximately one year ago and have been impressed with the results. It reduces pain and edema without medication. I started using ActiPatch on patients who had no insurance to get physical therapy, or who had failed therapy and other conservative care. The amount of pain relief and edema reduction is remarkable with the ActiPatch. The ActiPatch unit is safe and low cost, small, portable and a narcotic free, pain-free device."

William Van der Reis M.D. - Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, San Clemente, CA
I have found that BioElectronics' new product ActiPatch usually resolves pain associated with heel pain conditions such as plantar fasciitis in as little as 2-3 days. The potential for ActiPatch in the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as heel pain and acute sports injuries is enormous. The PEMF technology is safe and has been used for years, but until now it has not been available in a patch that a patient can wear at home.

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