Drug-free Pain Relief for Those You Love

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The Power of Drug-free Pain Relief

Welcome to the new HealFast Therapy web site.  I am happy to make safe, reliable pain management available to the pets and horses we love.   While we have all benefited from some of the many advances of drug treatments, we have all been made too painfully aware of inadvertent harm caused by unanticipated interactions, side effects and allergies.

HealFast Therapy uses the shortwave radio frequency therapy developed by BioElectronics and available around the world as ActiPatch Therapy.   This breakthrough in electroceutical technology stops pain and reduces swelling by both stimulating efferent nerve endings and increasing the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid to reduce swelling.  

Millions of pain sufferers around the world both two legged and four legged have experienced pain relief and faster healing.

Stay tuned for stories about how you can provide pain relief to those you love.