HealFast Keeps Horses on the Trail

Fast Pain Relief with Portable Therapy

Every horseman or horsewoman should have a HealFast Therapy device on hand to treat sprains, cuts and other injuries immediately.   The inexpensive Quick Relief Loop is the perfect addition to a First Aid kit. The Quick Relief unit was designed to continuously treat acute injuries for with seven days of pain and swelling reduction.   The Quick Relief Loop can't be turned off once activated.

All other models use either the on/off switch or the white plastic tab for activation, a tiny light comes on to confirm “on” status. The patch or loop must be positioned over the injured tissue. No skin prep is required, no actual skin contact is required, and in cases of wounds or incisions, the unit will work when placed over dressings or bandages. We recommend eighteen to twenty-four hours of continuous treatment, but the unit may be left on continuously for several days without risk.

The unit should be periodically checked to make sure the light is still working. Six hours of HealFast treatment delivers the equivalent of 20 minutes of treatment by the high voltage, high frequency, expensive PEMF coil machines currently on the market. Another advantage of HealFast is that once the unit is positioned - the horse can be allowed to move freely in the stall or paddock. The patch may also be used during a long trailer haul

HealFast Therapy Benefits
• Relieves joint, muscle and tendon pain
• Reduces edema and inflammation
• Improves mobility
• Accelerates healing of wounds, incisions and bruises
• Has no contra-indications or side-effects
• Easy to apply in the barn, at the track, or on the road.




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