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One Woman's Love for Her Dog Inspired HealFast Therapy

Katie HealFast Therapy was inspired by one woman's love for her constant companion, Katie, a small, white maltese-bichon-frise mix.   Katie was Betty's dear and constant companion.  When the 12 year-old Katie injured her back in 2008, she was in great pain, unable to walk or stand and her veterinarian could not find a solution. 

Betty had been using a new medical device therapy from BioElectronics to treat her own rheumatoid arthritis. She decided to try  it on Katie.  Betty fashioned a little coat with pockets to hold the ActiPatch Therapy devices in place. She put the coat and devices on Katie and the result was remarkable. Katie’s pain was relieved and she was able to walk again.   Katie's remarkable recovery inspired us to start selling this wonderful technology as HealFast Therapy for dogs, cats and horses.   Katie's legacy lives on in HealFast Therapy making drug-free pain relief available for those we love.

About BioElectronics Technology

BioElectronics Corporation is the medical device start-up company that developed a breakthrough new way to stop pain and reduce swelling sold as ActiPatch Therapy for humans.   The therapy is used around the world for treating a wide range of problems like arthritis, sprains, sore, and wounds. The U.S. FDA has approved it for reduction of edema following blepharoplasty with a prescription from a licensed healthcare professional (doctor, physical therapist, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, etc.)

 We developed our Recovery coat product to make it easy to hold HealFast Therapy in place on dogs and cats.  

While our very durable recovery coats are optimized for holding our devices in place, you can use a variety of garments, wraps and bandages to put the healing relief right where it is needed.   Look at our our video,  "How to Use HealFast Therapy" for ideas and suggestions.