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HealFast Beats all Other Pain Management Devices

There are other electrical medical devices for pain management like TENS - Transcutaneousl Electrical Neural Simulation, but none come close to the power of HealFast Therapy.   While HealFast and TENS both belong to the class of neuro-modulation technologies, their mechanism of action and technical characteristics are quite different.  Although traditionally the terminology PEMF has been associated with our device, HealFast Therapy is not strictly a PEMF product, but rather a pulsed shortwave therapy product (PSWT).   PEMF products typically operate at frequencies < 100 Hz, for example bone growth stimulators, while HealFast Therapy's PSWT technology operates at 27 MHz and is pulsed at 1 kHz. 

Relieves Pain - Doesn't Just Mask It

A common treatment strategy for chronic pain is to mask sensation from pain fibers (noxious fibers) by stimulating large afferent nerve fibers.   That's how TENS units work but there are limitations that prevent it from being used for continuous pain relief. TENS relies on pulsed electrical current flow across the skin using attachable electrodes and gel to improve electrical conductivity, but complications such as skin irritation from the gel, and skin burning from electrical heating makes prolonged TENS use inconvenient and problematic. Since skin contact is essential for TENS to function, it cannot be used over bandaged anatomical locations. There are two prevailing theories regarding the mechanism of action for TENS: 1) Gate control theory, which indicates a masking effect by blocking pain signals 2) Endogenous opioid release theory, which indicates that pain relief occurs through another type of masking: endogenous production of substances like endorphins to provide pain relief. While these theories have been around for several decades, they fail to explain how long-term pain relief can occur beyond masking.

Defeats the Chronic Pain Driver – Central Sensitization

Medical science has improved its understanding of chronic pain in the last decade. Changes in pain processing in the central nervous system are now widely accepted to be a major reason for chronic pain. When acute pain repeatedly bombards the nervous system, it translates to chronic pain by exaggerating the responsiveness of the central nervous system. This process occurs in the spine, and is hence referred to as “central sensitization.”

Clinical literature indicates that the key to mitigating central sensitization also lies in providing long-term, repetitive inputs to the nervous system. Since chronic pain occurs over a long period time, mitigating the condition likely requires using an intervention for an extended period of time.  HealFast Therapy's pulsed signal and wearable nature means that it can be worn continuously either directly on the animal's skin or over dressing, braces or clothing, for extended periods of time. The sensation-free signal and lightweight nature of the device means that long-term use is extremely comfortable. The HealFast Therapy's signal modulates the activity of sensory nerves and over time, mitigates the process of central sensitization by raising the pain threshold back to normal levels.   Importantly, this means that the HealFast Therapy does not simply mask the symptoms, but treats the underlying condition. 

In summary, HealFast is a unique neuromodulation product that, unlike TENS, is sensation-free, can be used over bandaged skin/casts, is safe to use long-term and works to provide pain relief by mitigating the underlying cause (central sensitization).