How We Healed - Kellan

Kellan, my 4-year-old Belgian Sheepdog, began exhibiting back pain in November 2017. X-rays revealed he had slight narrowing of the T9-13 intervertebral disc spaces; IVDD was ruled out. We treated his pain with pain meds and muscle relaxants, cold laser therapy, and light massage. After about a week, he felt better and we resumed his normal activities. Then his back pain flared up in December and again in early January 2018. This last time, our pet PT recommended we try the HealFastTherapy PetPatch loop to nip painful back issues in the bud. We began using the PetPatch loop on a Friday night and by Sunday, he was a different dog! (Of course, we continued meds for about a week, and are doing exercises to strengthen his core.)
It was truly amazing how Kellan went from painful back, no appetite, and slight fever, to almost normal! I would recommend the PetPatch loop to anyone! Thank you, HealFastTherapy!
Best regards,
Kristy Astry and Ted Newport
Johnstown, Colorado
Here's Kellan hanging out with his best buddy Jet.Kellan and Jet