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How Bioelectroceutical Treatments Work

A Bioelectroceutical device like ActiPatch Therapy creates an imperceptible electrical field in the body’s tissues with a regular pulsing action that modulates sensory nerves to reduce pain. At the same time it starts a cascade effect that influences motor nerves to stimulate blood flow in the treatment area.


We call this the Bioelectroceutical effect and it is actually visible in photos of bruises before and after treatment.  The clear skin shows the outline of the shape of the device used. The increased blood flow helps the cells get back to normal functioning faster by reducing inflammation -- speeding removal of excess fluid and the dead cells that cause bruising.


Recent work at the Clinical Science and Engineering Research Center - State University of New York at Binghamton has measured the physiological responses generated by ActiPatch Therapy.


A very significant mechanism of action is the impact on blood flow into the injured area and removal of surplus fluids from the target tissue.   The ActiPatch unit rapidly pulses a low frequency energy wave that uses the body’s own electrical properties to induce an imperceptible electrical field in the cells of the injured tissues. (Other electrical medical devices like TENs units push an electrical current through the body’s tissues from electrode to another).


The native induced electrical field modulates nerve fibers to quickly reduce the pain sensations by scrambling pain impulses.

The scientists at SUNY have measured the physiological responses of both increased muscle activity and increased blood flow.   These new measurements and insights when added to previously described impact of the increase in Nitric Oxide stimulated by these devices paints a complete picture of how the Bioelectroceutical effect works. 

Nitric Oxide (NO) is naturally produced in the body by normal muscle contraction. It has long been understood that these devices increase the production of NO. NO is a strong vasodilator and reduces inflammation of blood and lymph vessel dilation. NO also inhibits an enzyme called iNOS that decreases the availability of pro-inflammatory cytokines. NO can also up-regulate growth-factors such as FGF-2 which promote angiogenesis.


Bioelectroceutical therapy uses advanced physics of miniature electronic devices to optimize the body’s own biology and chemistry for faster healing and pain relief without the danger of drugs.


HealFast Therapy uses modulated radio frequency (RF) to induce a low frequency electric field in the tissue. Because HealFast Therapy is placed right on the skin, we are able to use a lower energy field than traditional machines. HealFast Therapy units emit a 27.1 MHz RF shortwave modulated at 1 KHz using 100 microsecond pulses. The RF waves create an induced electrical field in the damaged tissue in an eddy pattern which restores the normal cell metabolism. This innovative therapy packs the healing of PEMF into a low power wearable and affordable patch. There is no sensation from the treatment and it is safe.

The peak power density is 73 microwatts per square centimeter. The healing field is generated from a 3 volt battery. The 1 KHz modulation constitutes the physiologically active component of the signal, which exerts the electromechanical force on the cell population. Recent measurements indicate that less than 1% of the treatment energy is responsible for cell synchronization. The magnitude of the induced 1 KHz electric field in the tissue during HealFast Therapy treatment is on the order of 100 μV/cm at the skin level. The area of effective treatment of an HealFast device mirrors the size and shape of the area of the patch and antenna as shown in the diagrams with the particular products.

 The HealFast battery life allows for multiple treatments up to a total of 720 hours in all models (except the Quick Relief Loop which has no ON/OFF switch lasts for 100 only hours of continuous use). Using the on/off tab for activation, a tiny red light comes on to confirm “on” status. The patch has to be positioned over the injured tissue. No skin prep is required, no actual skin contact is required, and in cases of wounds or incisions, the unit will work when placed over dressings or bandages. We recommend eighteen to twenty-four hours of continuous treatment, but the unit may be left on for a few days without risk. The unit should be periodically checked to make sure the light is still working.  Six hours of HealFast treatment delivers the equivalent of 20 minutes of treatment by the high voltage, high frequency, expensive PEMF coil machines used in clinics.   Another advantage of HealFast is that once the unit is positioned - the horse can be allowed to move freely in the stall or paddock. The patch may also be used during a long trailer haul.