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HealFast Therapy Supports Animal Rescues

Use one of these coupon codes while checking out your purchase and HealFast Therapy will give you 5% off your total purchase (before shipping charges) and 15% to the rescue that owns the code.   We are also happy to support the work of these wonderful rescues with donations of HealFast Therapy product.  Here are just a few of the stories of how HealFast Therapy helped heal these rescue animals:

     “Just wanted to stop in and tell you how wonderful your product works. After just 16 hours of having the "PAD" on Missy's leg from an injury that was very swollen, the swelling is gone..WOW, after we saw what an awesome job it was doing with Missy's swollen leg, we put a PAD on Katie's jaw, and the next morning GONE, no swelling. This is UNBELIEVABLE...”- Carrie Young, Ohana Horse Rescue, Brookesville, FL. 

    Zip 24 Hours After HealFast- Zip is obviously feeling better. He still has some soreness but I don't think I have seen him canter since he has been here. He rarely ever trots and is always the last horse to make it up to the barn at feeding time. You can see towards the end of the video, he is trotting with much less discomfort. – Cindy Smith, Central Virginia Horse Rescue, Brodnax, VA.

Kaleigh was in severe pain due to an abscess. She was having a hard time walking. Within 24 hours of using Healfast Therapy Kaleigh was moving around pain free. THANK YOU HEALFAST THERAPY!!!!!- Denise Williams, Equine Rescue Inc. , Walden, NY (posted to Facebook page)

Southern Winds Equine Rescue & Recovery Center has a rescue horse that sprained her rear leg fetlock and tendon. The vet stated that she needed to be stalled for 4-6 weeks with limited exercise. I placed a HealFast patch just above her fetlock and over the tendon. Within 24 hours the swelling was gone. The vet came out and checked her and was just as amazed as I had been earlier that day. She gave the horse a clean bill of health as the injury was gone. I kept the Heal Fast patch on her for 5 more days while she was out 7/24 on pasture, I checked her twice daily and removed the HealFast patch after 144 hours of use. She is again being ridden and doing perfectly with no re-occurrance. This was all within one week of the injury. Thank You HealFast for making the horse sound.- Victor R. McMullen Sr. – Southern Winds Equine Rescue & Recovery Center, Udall, KS.

Use Theses Codes To Support Rescues

Rescue Name


Coupon Code

Bright Futures Farm

Spartansburg, PA


Central Virginia Horse Rescue

Fredricksburg, VA


Eagle Hill Equine Rescue

Clarendon, VT


Equine Rescue Inc.

Walden, NY


Miracle Horse Rescue

Crete, NB


Ohana Horse Rescue

Brookside, FL


PAWS Ranch Equine Rescue

Bostic, NC


Safe Haven Equine Rescue

Gilmer, TX


Southern Winds Equine Rescue

Udall, KS


Whinny Rescue

Crookville, OH