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PetPatch Loop Stops Pain and Swelling

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The PetPatch® Loop is a lightweight but durable device with an innovative push button "on/off" switch and a treatment area that is 12 cm diameter oval defined by the loop antenna. This shape is especially useful on joints and other locations where flexibility is important. Successfully used on sores, acute and chronic conditions, the unit works for 720 hours of use. A primary cause of pain is the swelling of the tissues associated with inflammation. Swelling mechanically disrupts nerve endings producing pain and an inflamed region. By stimulating increased blood flow to the injured site, the device reduces swelling and stimulates the efferent nerves to reduce pain significantly.

HOW IT WORKS -- The PetPatch Loop uses modulated radio frequency (RF) to induce a low frequency electric field in the tissue. Because the therapy is placed right on the skin, we are able to use a lower energy field than traditional PEMF machines.  PetPatch Loop units emit a 27.1 MHz RF shortwave modulated at 1 KHz using 100 microsecond pulses. The RF waves create an induced electrical field in the damaged tissue in an eddy pattern that restores the normal cell metabolism. This innovative modulated therapy packs the healing of big pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) systems into a low power wearable and affordable patch. There is no perceptible sensation from the treatment. The area of effective treatment of a device mirrors the size and shape of the area of the patch or antenna.

PetPatch Loop Benefits
  • Relieves joint, muscle and tendon pain;
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation;
  • Improves mobility;
  • Accelerates healing of wounds, incisions, and bruises.